Global suppliers of Impregnation Services and surface coatings of cast-machined ferrous and non-ferrous materials.



Impregnation specialists, Ultraseal based in Slough, is pleased to announce the addition of new product offerings to further enhance market coverage. We are a leading supplier of impregnation services and specialist surface coatings which we offer as part of our wide range of processes.


We provide Impregnation as a key part of our product offering and we have a wealth of experience in the development and application of high performance surface treatments. We are a leading global supplier in the development and application of surface coatings across a broad spectrum of industries. Ultraseal has been granted all the necessary approvals required by our individual aerospace customers and we undertake all impregnation work to our AS9100 approval.



Specialising in Impregnation Services across a spectrum of different industries.


Impregnation is a process which utilises a range of patented recyclable resin systems to fill voids and eliminate micro porosity in a wide range of cast materials.


With the impregnation process it is easy to check if components leak by pressure testing them. Our services can not only improve the integrity of welds on cast iron and aluminium substrates, it  also helps to reduce moisture entrapment, to prevent leaks and importantly it can prevent "Blow Out" of entrapped gases.


Our reputation is founded on consistent high quality, responsiveness, attention to detail, and the ability to handle components of all sizes - we specialise in impregnation services to solve problems.






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